Great company, great brand?

Do you have a company or organisation that is a leader or expert in its field? Perhaps a technical one? Do you feel that your marketing and brand image are really doing your capabilities justice? Would you like a great brand to go with your great company?

To answer these questions, we begin by discussing what’s in a great brand and why great brands are so powerful yet strangely intangible. To do this lets take the time to consider how we experience brands in everyday life.

For example, trust and recognition are two characteristics that affect our preference for one brand or another. If we know a product or service and it has delivered a reliable experience for some time, why would we choose a competitor’s? Well, sometimes for a range of reasons we do, but the most powerful brands make that a difficult decision. We feel we are sacrificing something when we abandon what we have always trusted, and therein is the power of the brand.

A great brand forms an emotional bond with its prospects and loyalists – a bond that is difficult to break and helps defend our business against competition whilst commanding a price that’s commensurate with the value delivered.

For the past seven years Aspire has worked with a number of organisations in the electricity industry and we believe that branding is even more powerful when we deal in the technical domain.

This is because often the brand owner has a great company or organisation that has not really told its story effectively and created an emotional connection with its customers and prospects. Often its competitors also fail in this respect and herein we find considerable opportunity.

At Aspire this is our ideal client: an organisation that has a great untold story waiting to be told. We are passionate about taking on these sometimes complex challenges. To meet them we employ an ethical approach that distils key organisational attributes and builds them into an appealing brand story. We then create value by helping our clients to communicate this excellence in an integrated and professional way.

That’s why we call our vision ‘great brands for great companies and organisations’. So if you have a great company or organisation and want to be more successful, contact us and make a great brand the cornerstone of your marketing programme.

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