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Once you have positioned and integrated your brand carefully and perhaps conducted a ‘reach and connect’ campaign, the long term maintenance of your brand is crucial to its success and protecting the investments you have made.

At Aspire we understand the strategic value of your brand and have the extensive experience to advise you on all of the key aspects of protecting your brand investment. We can also actively conduct those activities for you should you choose to outsource them.

The nature of the maintenance programme we create for you is based on a balance of your available resources and your long term plan. It may be anything from a monthly service to an annual review. We take it on a needs basis, with the least imprint of cost for greatest value creation.

Seven key areas we look at when protecting your brand investment:

1. Protecting the professional and consistent image of your brand
Most important in maintaining your brand is a consistent, quality image that allows your brand to adapt gradually to change but not lose its core identity.

Aspire offers professional brand designers and strategists who can ensure that your brand’s integrity is maintained. We also carefully manage production issues and provide brand user guideline materials to ensure quality and consistency.

So if you are considering making changes or reproducing materials, we can either do them for you or give you the advice you need on its appropriateness and the options you have.

2. Managing stakeholder feedback
Aspire can help you work out how to make those little evolutions that your team pushes for without getting into the trap of changing something on the fringe of your brand without understanding how it affects the core.

3. Selecting the right events and sponsorships
Aspire can guide you on choosing the events and sponsorships that best reflect your brand values.

4. Case studies and credential building
Developing examples of how you have achieved your brand’s promise is key in building the credentials and equity of your brand. Aspire can help you to source and write these. 

5. Setting up effective brand governance and legal protection
Aspire can help you to define your terms of reference and internal model for governing your brand and its communication assets. We can also offer advice on channel management issues, trademark registration and IP protection as part of this process.

6. Investing in internal support and champions
Internal communication and understanding of your brand’s story is crucial; Aspire can guide you on strategies and tactics for creating brand champions and improving brand asset use within your organisation.

7. Tracking brand recognition, preference and perceived value 
Aspire can put in place a tracking programme that monitors how your brand is perceived within your target market and what aspects of your communication programme might be effective or indeed ineffective.

Benefits of an Aspire brand maintenance support arrangement

  • Protect your larger investment for a nominal cost
  • Maintain your professional image
  • Make focused decisions
  • Avoid unnecessary costs and mistakes
  • Keep the big picture in mind&
  • Manage your internal stakeholders well
  • Assess the ongoing value of your brand

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