Position and integrate

To begin the journey of building a great brand, there are three key steps that Aspire’s Position and Integrate solution follows:

1. Position the brand strategy
We meet this challenge by first developing a coherent and robust brand strategy that reflects your competitive advantage and organisational strategy. Our unique plan on a page technique gives total clarity and ease of reference.

2. Develop the brand personality and story
We then show you how to bring this strategy to life with your key audiences through a thoughtful creative concept.

3. Integrate
The final step is to integrate and choreograph the strategy’s execution across your full range of communication assets and channels, internal and external.

Brand positioning methodology

Aspire facilitates these three key steps using our think-imagine-aspire methodology:  

This three phase method delivers a robust brand strategy that is then bridged into a creative solution and ultimately integrated into tactical execution. Please follow this link for an in-depth explanation of this method and its benefits.

Latest thought leadership
We pride ourselves on innovation and thought leadership in the brand space. From brand 3.0 to connected brand and connected responsiveness, you will find Aspire not only well versed in the latest practices but imaginative enough to futurecast what you will need to face the challenges of the future. Read our articles for more. 

Proven performer
Aspire’s brand ‘position and integrate’ service is our core competency and area of specialist expertise. Our process is a strategy led, holistic one and we can provide a number of case studies of its successful execution for a variety of major enterprises.

End-to-end solutions

Aspire can choreograph your new brand image across all the media in which you will use it.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Professional design and writing
  • Company profile and various print collateral
  • E-collateral development, including our unique connected responsiveness methodology
  • Website and other online assets, including social media and email marketing
  • Video, photography and multimedia
  • Sales presenters and tools
  • Display materials, point of sale and conference booths
  • All key stationery and presentation materials
  • Brand standards and guidelines
  • Advertising templates.

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